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Monday, January 13, 2014

Latest jobs report

Why do we even do these things anymore?  Seriously, these reports are just a confirmation that the economy is in the toilet, right where Obama wants it.

Every economic report is, actually.  And, fair-minded economists actually analyze the data, as if that would help.

The economy added 74,000 jobs in December and grew at a rate of 2%. Obama and his supporters go, "See!  Things are great!  The economy added 74,000 jobs and 2% growth!  Things are going swell!"

But, do they know that the economy SHOULD be adding 350,000 or so more jobs and should be growing at a rate closer to 5%?  Of course not, nobody knows that except geeky, number-type people, like me, who look it up.  (Those were Reagan-esque numbers btw)

Obama just goes on his tour, saying the exact same thing that he has said for 6 years and his supporters go, "Yeah!  Everything is great!  See, he said so."  The lazy, liberal media goes right along with it and we keep right on flushing ourselves down the crapper.

But, whenever Obama talks you and I hear Charlie Brown adult talk, "Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah."  And, we know exactly what it means.  It means that Obama is a complete genius and he has gotten every single thing that he has wanted on his path to transforming America.

First, demonize success.  How can you possibly convince half the country that they don't have enough, need more and they need to take it from someone else?  Easy, demonize success.

Next, make student loans easily accessible and unlimited.  Now, after 5 years, we have straddled our youth with debt that they could never hope to repay.  In one easy stroke of the pen, Obama has taken away the hope of our youth.

Demand higher wages for workers.  This has all sorts of nifty consequences - lots of low wage workers lose their jobs and go on unemployment benefits, the prices of cheap stuff goes up which squeezes the middle class and it starts class warfare!  The evil greedy employer makes too much and should pay poor Joe Worker more.

What about our greedy government?  What about "evil dictator" who takes 4 million dollar vacations while preaching that we aren't paying our "fair share."

When a small wave of people wake up to what you are doing, be sure to use the most powerful agency in the government to punish them and crush them like bugs.

Oh!  Send our military into harms way, but don't have any real interest in it.  I mean, after all, war is so boring.  It's not like it is a party in Vegas with Jay-Z or anything cool like that.

Ok, we have all been down this path before, many times.  Finally, 6 out of 10 Americans can see that Obama is lying, about everything.

What about those other 4 people?!?  Have they been living in Saddam Hussein's bunker?  You would have to be living in a hole to not know that this guy's shorts need a serious fire extinguisher.

Anyway, I am here to tell you the truth - Obama's tax-hiking, regulation-strangling, middle-class destroying policies are killing the economy.

But, you didn't need an economics report to tell you that.

Did you?