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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The evolution of hate

Boy, liberals spewing hate got me all jacked up.

We had the whole thing making fun of Mitt Romney for his family adopting a black child.  Now, we have this whole thing with people viciously attacking Tamera Mowry (that cutie) and it really got me thinking.

How did we get here?

Well, hate is taught.  It is learned.  Have you ever seen that picture of the two hands, one is white and one is black.  The researcher showed the picture to children and asked what the difference was.  The child said, "One hand is smaller than the other."

It is a good thing that Obama's mother was colorblind or he wouldn't be here!  It is also a good thing that his white grandparents were ok raising a mixed race child, or he might be in Kenya with one of his many 1/2 siblings, living in a dirt hut.

But, Obama has had fertile soil in which to sow his seeds of racism, class warfare and general hate.  How did that soil become so fertile?

We have to go back to the beginning, the beginning of liberalism and the basis for our current liberal progressive movement - evolution.  Darwin's theory of evolution has never been proven.  That is why it is a theory and not a law.  Laws can be proven, scientifically, like the law of gravity.  If you drop something, it will fall to the ground, period.  You could do it a million times.  The law would always work.

Not only has the theory of evolution not been proven, it has been disproven many times by science and the fossil record.  When the fossil record is studied, it is as if, all of the plants kinda appeared all at once, very close in time.  Then, all of the animal life appeared in close order.  Then, the fossil record shows evidence of a great flood of some sort and then, bam, all of it is back, like all at once.

On his deathbed, Darwin completely retracted, disavowed, his entire body of work.  But, does that stop liberal haters?  No way!  The theory of evolution has become, for liberals, the linchpin in their religion of liberalism.

We are all animals.  We are descended from animals, period.  Animals, humans and the environment are all equal.  Ok?  This is very important.  Once you get that, every liberal argument flows very easily from this foundation, this beginning.

Where should we start?  Oh!  Eating meat.  God didn't give Adam dominion over the animals and didn't tell him to carve them up into a nice roast.  Humans and animals are equal.  So, eating meat is murder.  Killing a person who eats meat is EQUAL to eating meat.

God didn't give the beautiful earth to people and say, "Have at it. But, you know, clean up."  No, humans and the earth are EQUAL.  So, someone who uses oil is hurting the earth.  Hurting a person
like that isn't wrong, it is the same as hurting the earth.

God didn't create people in His own image, we are just animals, descended from monkeys. So, killing babies is no worse than throwing kittens in the river.  Of course, now, if someone threw kittens in the river, he or she would go to jail.  But, an abortion doctor?  He gets immortalized in film!  Remember "The Cider House Rules?"  It won awards.

Euthanasia - anyone who is old and can't be of service to society should be put out of his or her misery, right?  I mean, it is just an old, sick animal, we should euthanize it.  We don't do that to dogs anymore, but we are doing that to humans!

And, at all costs, we can't celebrate Christmas or any Christian holidays.  We must abandon our closest friend, Israel.  The Judeo-Christian ethic, which expounds the exact opposite of every liberal philosophy, must be silenced.

Did I miss anything?  It doesn't matter, you can figure it out.  Take each liberal argument and trace it to its core - a fundamental rejection of the Judeo-Chriatian ethic.

Don't judge, don't call anyone names, don't reduce yourself at all.  Just explain the truth, lovingly.  It is our only hope.

The truth.