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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ariel Sharon

He who watches over Israel slumbers not nor sleeps - God

I can't believe the hate filled anti-Semitic rants that people are posting on Twitter about the death of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  I couldn't continue reading them and there is no way that I will repeat them.

Don't people know that we are on the same team?  Israel is on our side, people.  We stand with Israel, not terrorists.  I understand that Sharon wasn't perfect, like Obama.  He made some fantastic choices and some odd ones, like handing Gaza over to the Palestinians in 2004.

Marginalizing one group of people is exactly what Hitler did.  Just a few years ago, we all hated Hitler.  What happened?  Once you say that one group of people is stupid, evil and unworthy, it is just a hop, skip and goose march to war with that group.

Of course, if you have the foresight to disarm the populous, then it isn't really a war.  The government can come in and take property and people by force.  No one can defend themselves.  That is exactly what Hitler did - disarm, a propaganda war against Jews and then a whole-hearted attempt at annihilation.

Hollywood gets it, sometimes.  In Harry Potter, the evil wizard Voldemort is trying to rid the wizarding world of "mud-bloods."  The mud blood is a witch or wizard from a non-wizard family.  They call mud bloods "filthy."  Next step, evil leader takes over to cleanse the world of all filthy mud bloods.

When we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.  And, I guess that it why revisionist history is so vitally important in our school system.  Otherwise, the White House would be overrun with angry 4th graders demanding to know why the president violates the constitution.

Remember, the current progressive liberals don't have a civil disagreement with us on policies.  They call us "stupid, evil, terrorists, arsonist."  They say that people who want to lower taxes or lower out of control government spending are "holding a gun to people's heads."

This is marginalizing an entire segment of the population.  It is dangerous.  It is history repeating itself.  And, who do they have in the crosshairs?