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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Security at the Olympics

I am starting to think that we should boycott the Olympics games.  I am serious.

When Vladimir Putin is touted on the world stage as the model for diplomacy, I think that we are living in an alternate universe.

When we are beging pulled around by the nose by North Korea, instead of putting them in their place, I scratch my head in disbelief.

Then, we get preached to about income inequality by Mr. 4 Million Dollar Vacation.


What is going on?

When you think of the government, do you think of efficiency?  Do you think of an organization that can swoop into difficult situations and fix them?  Or, do you think of a slow-moving bureaucracy?  Do you think of a monolith that doesn't care about efficiency, your satisfaction or quality of service?

Let me help you.  Think of the post office.  Does the post office provide you with friendly service at a low price?

Uh, no.

If anyone thought that the government COULD swoop in and fix things or help things or do things efficiently or anything of the sort - surely they know now, right?  How can anyone NOT see that the government take over of healthcare has been a collossal waste of time, waste of billions of dollars and a complete failure?

It used to be that when a tyrannical government issued propaganda, we could see through it.  Distrust of the government is the foundation of this country.  We moved here to get away from a tyrannical government.  We came here to be left alone.

Now, all of a sudden, somehow, in the last 5 years, none of us can do anything without government intervention.

Putin, Jong-un, where are we going?