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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Clear and Present Danger

Last night, my husband wrestled the remote from me and turned on "Clear and Present Danger."

Remember that movie?  It was made in 1994. Ah, a simpler time, when Americans were good and people who killed Americans were bad.

In the movie, the president of the United States sends an elite military squad to kill a Mexican drug lord.  He does it for revenge, the drug lord killed one of the president's friends.

The mission doesn't go well and the president can't tell anybody about it, so he leaves the military guys there to die.

Dr. John Ryan (Harrison Ford) finds out about it.  Along with Willem Defoe, he rescues the surviving men.  When he returns to Washington, he confronts the president and says that he will report the president to the Senate Oversight Committee.

I snorted.

The president, rather arrogantly, says that the scandal will never make it all the way back up to him and calls it the old "Potomac two-step."

In true, post-cold-war, America-butt-kicking style, Ryan says, "Mr. President, I don't dance."

I am sure that in 1994, my hair was teased up to the ceiling and I probably cheered in the theater, with the rest of the Americans, when he said that.

The end of the movie shows Jack Ryan being sworn in before congress to give his testimony.  The music swells and it is filled with hope.  He is going to tell the truth - the truth will be heard.  The person who did something bad will be punished.

Oh, what a difference 20 years makes.

So, now it is 2014.  Our attorney general is currently in contempt of congress for lying and refusing to answer questions.

Lois Lerner, who tortured political opponents with her power, plead the 5th before congress.

Kathleen Sebelius, the head of the entire botched Obamacare nightmare, has been unbelievable snarky and rude to congress.

Hilary Clinton infamously yelled at congress that it doesn't matter about Americans dying.

And, as you know, the Obama White House has done absolutely everything to cover up its lies about Benghazi.  He left 4 men to die and went to Vegas for a fundraiser.

I said this before, but when I was looking up the names for a previous post, I saw our ambassador, after he had been tortured and drug through the streets by terrorists.  A simple search of AMBASSADOR STEVENS pulls up that picture.  Every American should see it and remember it.

Vote for another cowboy.  An America-loving, free-spirited, Christian man who cares deeply about this country and its citizens.  Liberals called Reagan and Bush stupid.  They did it all the time.  They weren't stupid, they just weren't progressive liberals.  They believed in freedom, limited government, low taxes.  They knew that government wasn't the solution, government IS the problem.

Government needs to get out of the way and let us get back to being the greatest country on earth.

After all that has gone on the past five years, do you really think that government is the solution?  Or, are you starting to see that government is the problem?