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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American

Unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud to be an American.  It started when I was a little redneck in school.  Remember learning about how we protested unfair taxation without representation by throwing all of the English tea in the Boston Harbor?

That was so cool.  I was hooked.

I remember learning about how, by being clever and resilient, we defeated the British and gained our freedom.  My little heart swelled with American pride.

How has a nation of immigrants who left native lands to escape government tyranny and find religious freedom been taken in by the lies of our tyrannical, liberal oppressive government?

I just can't figure it out.

But, last night, my bruised and battered heart swelled with American pride once again.  Why? I watched "The Man who Shot Usama bin Laden."  The show profiled Robert O'Neill, the member of seal team 6 who shot and killed Usaba bin Laden.

(The reporter who got the interview with O'Neill is Peter Doocy.  Way to go, Doocy!  Hitting it out of the park the first time you step up to the plate.)

In the interview O'Neill described the training that he endured to become a member of the elite fighting squad, seal team 6.  He had that swagger that is an amiable mix of humility and pride.  He was humble because he knows his limitations and that he is only one in a team.  But, he was proud because he knows that his cause is noble.  He fights for what is right and he fights to rid the world of evil.

Like Usama bin Laden.

Sitting there in my couch in my Hobbit slippers with Kitten-kitten on my lap, I remembered how it felt to be proud of my country.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember.  We have had an administration that has told us for the past 6 years that we are bad.  Don't you believe it.

Oh, yeah and be sure to watch "The Man who Shot Usama bin Laden."  Maybe you will feel proud, too.