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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tides are Turning

So, I spent Election Day at the polls.  I worked with the same liberal democrat, again.  We worked side-by-side, tirelessly and efficiently processing almost 300 voters over a 15-hour period.

We never had a cross word, we worked through problems and issues amicably and reasonably.  It was exactly how congress should work.

Yes, she calls me a re-thug-lican and I call her a demo-rat.  But, that is no reason that we can't work together despite our differences.

Interestingly, this time there were 3 more issues on our ballot to raise taxes, yet again.

This liberal democrat has become completely disillusioned by our liberal local government and its mismanagement of our tax dollars.

As our taxes go up and up with fewer and fewer services, she lamented, "When will it ever end?"

I mentioned that some liberals believe that all income should go to the government for re-distribution.

She, wisely, said that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is getting squeezed out.  She said that our tax burden is so high that people can't afford the taxes.

I just looked at her, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Welcome to my world."

She expressed her disgust with Obamacare.  Yes, it is free for some people.  But only because she has to pay $200 a month in premiums and then has to pay 5 or 6 thousand in deductibles before she can even use the insurance.  After that, insurance only pays 80/20.  She said that people can't afford that cost.  She is barely making it, paying more than she can afford all so that someone else can pay nothing.

She works hard and has to pay more for everything.  She can't afford it.  Meanwhile, some people don't work and inexplicably get some of her hard-earned money.

Can you see why the Republicans had victories all over the country?  People are fed up.  Even liberal democrats can see that they can't afford to pay for everyone else and still have enough to, like, eat.

We talked about how my family used to eat out once a month.  When Obama's 2% payroll tax increase went into effect moments after he was re-elected, our family felt that.  We stopped going out to eat once a week.  That is $200 less a month that we spend eating out because we don't have that money anymore.

We talked about the economic ramifications for that - what if everyone stops eating out?  All of those restaurants will go out of business.  All of those business owners will lose their businesses, and probably their life savings.  All of the workers will lose their jobs.

And all of that will happen, eventually, as we continue to raise taxes.  Raising taxes HURTS everyone.  Lowering taxes helps everyone.  Oddly, even government revenue increases when tax rates are lowered.

Taxes and regulation are killing the economy and destroying the middle class.  Even liberal democrats can see that and can feel the effects of theses disastrous policies on hard-working Americans.