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Saturday, November 8, 2014


What if someone told you that you couldn't do anything that you wanted to do in America?  What if someone told you that you were somehow, less - that you couldn't do what you wanted without help.  What if someone told you that one group of people had more than you did and it wasn't fair?  What if they told you that you deserve what someone else has and that you should take it?

You might start to believe it.

That is exactly what the Democrat party does to any minority and to women.  They condescend to help those who couldn't succeed otherwise (in their opinion.)

Is that insulting or what?  And, here is the irony, look around, the leaders of the Democrat party are all old, white men.

I was at an event downtown and in the middle of the crowd there was a bullpen. In it were all old, fat, white men.  (No offense to old, fat, white men.  I love you guys.  I just don't like hypocritical ones, like, you know, Democrats.) Then, I started to recognize them - they were all Democratic politicians.

The Democrat party works tirelessly to keep people in comfortable, government poverty so that they can never truly get ahead or succeed.  They devote all of their efforts to making rules and laws for OTHER people, not for THEM.

Who has a war on women?  Who wants to help poor people or black people?

Look at Hilary Clinton.  She is a champion for women, right?  What about Christian women or women who choose to stay home and take care of their children? She mocks those women.  And, holy moly, if a women is someone her husband wants to sleep with, that women deserves a full throttle assault.

The Democrat party further degrades and insults women by the idiotic notion that we have nothing on our minds other than reproductive health.  Just because it is the only thing on their minds...

The Democrat "helps" but not out of true compassion for people.  They truly believe that women and minorities are unable to succeed without government intervention.

So, they impose government, which, ironically, continues the vicious cycle of keeping people from succeeding.