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Sunday, November 9, 2014

My final plea

This was published last Monday on and it worked!  Please see your local election results to determine the amount of landslide...

After my article about wasting your vote on a third party candidate, I got your message loud and clear.  You are fully prepared to sit at home on your principles and not vote.  Or, you are completely ready to waste your vote on a third party candidate that has no chance of winning.

I get it.

But, I can't stress enough that this strategy is a formula for defeat.  Didn't you learn anything from 2012?  Principled, opinionated Republicans stayed home because Romney wasn't conservative enough.

What did that get us?

-A department of justice that is anything but just
-The IRS torturing conservatives
-The NSA spying on innocent Americans, not terrorists
-Obamacare that is destroying the greatest healthcare system the world has eve known
-More tax-raising, economy-strangling, job-killing liberal policies that destroy the ability of the free market to work.  Look at our liberal Utopias in the US: Chicago and Detroit.  Is that what you want for our country?
-Worst of all, the Obama administration seems to have lost all desire to safe guard  American citizens
at all, our southern border is open, terrorists are here and Ebola is here.

You have your opinion, your candidate isn't conservative enough.  As I said before, I get it.  But, please vote for the conservative anyway.  Once we have control of the house and senate, we can maybe undo some of the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.

Maybe we could even open the Keystone Pipeline.

Once your conservative candidate is elected, you can give him or her a tongue-lashing.  You sure know how to give me one.


By the way, do you type to your mother on that keyboard?

Save it for the conservative elected official.  I will go with you!  We will give him or her a talking to about how conservative he or she needs to be to keep that cushy government job.


Here is what you will get with the conservative candidate, at least:

-a belief in the free market
-a desire to secure our borders and beef up our military
-the common sense to keep Ebola victims out of our country.

Ok, who is with me?  Go out there and push the big "R" on November 4.  You can do it, your country needs you.