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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Obamacare open enrollment

Today, I am establishing a relationship with a primary care physician.  That doesn't seem like a big deal, does it?

But, it is a huge deal.  Insurance no longer pays for well visits to primary care physicians.

Thank you, Obama!

Every year, I get sick.  Dozens of well-meaning friends and family members implore me to go to the doctor.  I call, every year, and can't get an appointment for three weeks.  I also am told that the appointment will be paid in full by me and applied to my deductible.

Every year, I wait for three weeks to get better and save hundreds of dollars.

So, why can I get a primary physician now?

Well, last summer, I was walking my dog.  A kitty was hanging by its little front paws from a tree.  I caught it as it fell.  It bit me and I had to be on IV antibiotics in the hospital for 3 1/2 days.  (See "Cat Scratch Fever" in my previously published works.)

I was pretty happy to be alive until we got the hospital bill.  Our out of pocket cost - $5,720.  I spent weeks talking to everyone that I could get on the phone from the insurance company and the hospital.  I explained that insurance is so that you DON'T have to pay huge, life-changing bills in the event of an accident.

They all agreed, they all understood.  But, this is how our healthcare system works now under Obamacare.

People like me pay hundreds of dollars a month in insurance premiums.  In the event that we have an accident or actually need to use the insurance, we are hit with deductibles that are so high, no one could ever afford them.

Except Nancy Pelosi.

One nice person explained that we were getting off easy - we are actually liable for a $9,000 deductible.

Sure enough, my husband had an unfortunate accident a few months later and we blew through the remainder of that deductible.  Now I can get a primary care physician.  Yippee.

Obamacare open enrollment is starting soon.  The president is going around the country telling Americans that we are still just too stupid to understand liberal progressive policies.  If he could just sell it better and get it through our thick heads, we would be falling all over ourselves to become good liberal progressives.

But, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Americans aren't stupid.  We tried liberal progressive policies.  In fact, we have had them shoved down our throats for 6 years.

They don't work and we don't like them.  Here is a clear and concise example - hard-working, middle-American families of four now have to spend $9,000 a year in deductibles just to use the insurance that we pay for.

Who would want that?  Not me and not the majority of Americans.

Who can't get that through his thick head?