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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tennis, anyone?

Yesterday afternoon, I took my kids out to play a little tennis.  One nice thing about living in the city - we can walk to several different parks with tennis courts.

My kids were on one side of the court, and I was fielding the onslaught of poorly hit ground strokes on the other side of the court.  Outside the fence, which surrounds the courts, I heard someone say, "Can I play."

I actually felt nosy turning around because I knew that the person couldn't possibly be taking to me.  But, I did turn around and there were three teenagers standing there, outside the fence.  I kept playing tennis with my kids.

I heard a second teen say, "What did she say?"

The first teen said, loudly, "She didn't say anything!  She just turned her head!"

So, I said, "Were you talking to me?"

She said, "Yes, can I play?"

I asked, "Do you have a racket?"

She replied, "No."

I mumbled something about needing a racket and continued playing tennis with my kids.

She and her two friends started yelling, cussing and mocking me, loudly, as they walked to a different part of the park.  Then, they came back, sat on a bench right outside our court and loudly cussed and mocked me (I was whistling, so they mock-whistled) for the rest of the time that we played.

Now, what should I have done?

I wanted to say to those young women, "I am a person.  You can't talk to people that way.  It is rude and it only hurts you.". Where did she even get the concept that I, a complete stranger, should GIVE HER MY TENNIS RACKET SO THAT SHE COULD PLAY.

Why would she even consider that?  Would you ask a complete stranger for their possessions?

I have something, she wants it, I should give it to her.  Period.  She actually believes that.  Were did she get that idea?

She got it from our entitlement society that has been preached from the White House and every liberal mouthpiece ad nauseum for the past 6 years.  She was taught this.

Instead of thinking, "I would like to play tennis.  I will get a job in my spare time, instead of cussing out complete strangers.  I will buy a racket with the money and maybe get some lessons."

Nope, she didn't think that - she thought, she has a racket, I want it.  Period.

I still want to tell her that she can work hard and be anything that she wants to be!  But, I can't because you know what I will be called?

Yup, a racist.