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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim

The Sudanese government has sentenced 27-year-old Christian, Meriam Ibrahim, to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

Shackled by her ankles and eight months pregnant, she awaits her sentence in prison.  Also imprisoned with her is her toddler son.

Ibrahim is married to a US citizen.  Ibrahim was never a Muslim, she was raised Christian.  Remember her crime - not being Muslim - a crime punishable by death in the Sudan.

A religion of peace.

But, she is going to be lashed 100 times for being with her husband and then hanged after her child is 2.

That means that we have plenty of time.  Obama could extend the smallest amount of human decency and power.  We could get her out of there.  We could stand up for what's right - for the first time in 6 long years.

No one will forget that he is a tax-loving, freedom-hating, regulation-strangling Marxist liberal.

This will not diminish his communist, income-equality, social-justice street cred one bit!

Currently, we are all vets awaiting horrendous healthcare when we get sick.

We are all also Meriam Ibrahim awaiting a death sentence for standing up for her faith.

God bless Meriam Ibrahim.