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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More hashtag diplomacy

Have you seen the picture of Michelle Obama with big, sad puppy eyes and a pouty mouth holding up a hand-written sign that says, "#bringbackourgirls"?

So, it has come to this, has it?  We have weakened ourselves to the point that when a terrorist group kidnaps hundreds of precious, innocent, Christian little girls that the only response from the leader of the free world is to break out the Sharpie?!?

Imagine if you had a little girl or a niece or two.  And, she was taken by a terrorist group.  How would you feel?  I can tell you this, I would be looking up to the sky and praying for a rescuer that had an American flag on his or her arm.

No matter what some crazy liberals like to say - the American flag is a symbol of freedom, all over the world.

We are liberators, we are peace keepers.  And, I think that if the Obama administration wants to get involved, we can do a little bit better than this pathetic hash tag diplomacy.

Don't you?

A follow-up to the Meriam Ibrahim story - she has given birth to a little girl, Maya.  She now faces 100 lashes for her union with her husband which produced this child.

In the Middle East, they tie little pieces of bone to the leather whip.  So, on the first lash, the skin is literally ripped from the bone.  If she survives the 100 lashes (to nurse her child for two years before she is hanged) she will be in excruciating pain.

Stop what you are doing - and think for one minute about what this woman will endure - torture, for standing up for Christianity.

What would you do, if you were Meriam Ibrahim?

While we are talking about atrocities, a woman in Pakistan was beaten to death BY HER FAMILY in broad daylight in front of a courthouse.  The family disagreed with her choice of husband.  So, they started to beat her up, then they picked up stones and bricks to brutally kill her.  The father of the victim said that he killed his daughter and he is not sorry - he said that it was an honor killing.

What elite liberal feminist will stand up and denounce these atrocities against women in the Middle East?  Come on - anyone?