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Saturday, May 3, 2014

My inner Gutfeld

After writing my blog yesterday, I felt like my heart wasn't in it.  Could you tell?  I was listening to Greg Gutfeld and for a moment, he was speechless, too.

I mean, what do you say, at this point, about Benghazi?  It was a cover up and now they are covering up the cover up.

Then Gutfeld said, "This isn't a White House, it is a frat house.  It is time for the grown-ups to take over."  (Or something really close to that.)

I love it when he says the exact same thing that I have said over and over again.  Glad he is a fan of the blog, wish he would take my calls.

But, what else can you say, except lament the immaturity of those speaking on behalf of our president?  Like when that weaselly snark artist Tommy Vietor snottily quipped that he didn't know if Obama was in the situation room during Benghazi because he "doesn't have a tracking devise on him."

And, that, it seems, is the end of it.

They can stonewall, not turn over documents to congress, be insanely rude to interviewers ("Dude, that was, like, two years ago!")  I mean, come on, how can this person honestly be expected to REMEMBER each time that he has changed documents to influence presidential elections?

Come on, dude!

So, for this brief moment, I am almost speechless.  Don't worry, it won't last.