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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Old, white men

My kids sang at a big festival downtown last night.  It was really nice.

The group that my kids are in sang.  A marching band came out.  There were ballet dancers, tap dancers, modern dancers and a gospel choir.

Sheesh, the only thing missing was Debbie Allen in a beret.

I was standing in line at the bathroom and I noticed the woman behind me, we struck up a conversation.  She said that her boss would be speaking later at the event.

I asked who her boss was.


You would not believe this, I know, but I was as cool as a cucumber.  Then, I handed her the bathroom key and skedaddled out of there as fast as I could.

I told my husband about it.  He laughed, hard.

Not sure why.

Then he pointed out a bullpen in the middle of the crowd.  We were all shoulder to shoulder, packed in like cattle (yum!)  But, a group of old, fat, white men was standing comfortably in this bullpen.

Every single one of them was a democrat.

There wasn't a single young, hip dude.  There were no black guys, no Asian guys. There weren't any women, either. They were a bunch of old hippies (probably) just with their gray ponytails cut off, wearing suits.

Remind me, which party is the party of old, white men?