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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mad as hell!

Ok, so Obama is "mad as hell" about the atrocities that have been committed at the VA.  And, he is going to "get to the bottom of it."  If these things are true (note use of the word "if," there is no question about whether or not the stories are true, people are dead) something bad will happen.


You know, when the IRS scandal hit and Obama said that he was "outraged" and would launch a "full investigation" I actually believed him.

Boy, am I dumb.

I thought, ok, he isn't going to let this one go.  Whew!  He is actually going to do something!

And, boy, did he ever!  The White House buckled down into full scale "stonewall" mode and not one scrap of info came out again.  He then called the scandal "phony," made up by Fox News and finally said that there is not a "smidgen" of corruption.

He is using taxpayer money to do all of this, you know?

Ok, I admit it, I believed him.  But, now, after numerous scandals (see my previous published works) does anybody actually believe him?  Does anyone actually believe that he is going to do anything?


It is a complete joke.  Scandal after scandal, this administration is going to thumb its nose at the constitution, the law and you.

He is never going to come clean about using the IRS to silence his political opposition, he wanted that.  He is never going to say anything about the NSA spying on all of us, he believes that conservative Christians are more of a threat than actual terrorists.  He is never going to address the murders in Benghazi because it will prove that Al Qaeda is NOT on the run, as he said repeatedly.

And he is never going to admit any wrongdoing in the VA because what is happening at the VA (long waits, death panels) is exactly what is going to happen to all of us under Obamacare.

See what we have to look forward to?