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Monday, May 26, 2014

Elizabeth Warren

Who is this woman?  And, who could  possibly believe that she is Native American?

She was being interviewed (I think by Jon Stewart) and said that all of our current economic problems are the fault of:


Yup, all of our current economic woes are Reagan's fault.


It is universally acknowledged that Jimmy Carter was our worst president ever.  Although, we do have another candidate currently under consideration.  (Jimmy has been an excellent former president, though, love ya, Jimmy!)

Warren said that in about, oh, 1980, our country took a turn in the wrong direction, that turn laid the groundwork for all of our current problems.

Hmmm, let's review, shall we?  In 1980, taxes were high, unemployment was high, inflation was high and our influence in the world stage was low.  We were humiliated by Iran taking American hostages.  Incompetent and shackled by foolish, liberal ideology, Carter was incapable of responding effectively to our enemies.

Oh, that sounds so familiar.

In 1981, Reagan took office and slashed tax rates.  Some marginal tax rates were as high as 90% which he cut to 36%.  Reagan, knowing that government isn't the solution it is the problem, cut government regulation.  He also got those hostages back.

Reagan's presidency, based on the simple idea of less government, ushered in the greatest era of economic prosperity the world has ever known.  The economy exploded.  The middle class grew and interestingly, federal government revenue soared.

Yes, that is right, cutting the tax rate made government revenue increase.

Again, the numbers are there.  They are indisputable.  Our economy was in the crapper under Carter. Reagan turned it all around and created an economic boom.

Republicans simply want to do the same thing - cut taxes, cut government regulation and unleash our economy.

Ms. Warren, the current economic disaster we are in is the direct result of horrendous liberal policies.  Raising taxes doesn't help anyone.  It hurts everyone because everyone who is working has to pay more to the government and has less to spend on the economy.

Vote Republican.