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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The VA

A reader recently cited the VA hospital as an example of good government.  I have to admit, I was stunned and have hesitated to blog because of how ludicrous that remark is.

The government doesn't do anything efficiently or inexpensively.  The horrendous mis-management at the VA is a perfect example of how well the government runs things.

This is a pre-cursor to how all of our health care will operate once Obamacare is fully implemented.

Syndicated columnist and best-selling author, Charles Krauthammer, gave the perfect example of how the VA works compared to how a privately-run hospital operates.  He said that in one of the VA hospitals, 8 cardiologists saw the same number of patients in a week that ONE doctor in private practice would see in ONE DAY.

VA doctors are on salary, they have no motivation to see patients to earn more salary.  Doctors in private practice operate on the profit motive and are motivated to work harder and see more patients.

This is simple communism/socialism vs the free market.  That is all it is.  We used to all know that communist dictators were evil, kept people in poverty and murdered millions of people.

Why, when we have seen the blood bath and horrors of utopian communism, do we keep trying it?