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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A president who is not responsible for anything

In 2008, Obama ran on a platform of pulling our troops out of Iraq.  In 2011, he unilaterally pulled our troops out of Iraq.  He called this "ending the war in Iraq."

Of course, he foolishly doesn't grasp that the enemy has a vote in war.  And, the enemy has not ended the war.

In 2012, Obama ran again on the platform of "I" ended the war in Iraq.  He proclaimed the unilateral end of the war that was completely and solely his responsibility.

Just before leaving on another vacation to Martha's Vineyard, Obama held a press conference on the horrors that are occurring in Iraq, like the slaughter of Christians.

One reporter asked if the president now regrets pulling troops out of Iraq?

Obama became clearly agitated and childishly snapped that is wasn't his decision to pull out of Iraq and it really bothers him that this tale keeps getting told.  (I am paraphrasing.) The point is - he pointedly declared that it wasn't his decision to pull our troops out of Iraq.


Ok, this is the point when the watchdog media won't let a politician get away with lying, right?  Stellar investigative journalism rocketed into effect in newsrooms all over the country and newsreel montages of all the times that Obama proclaimed his unilateral end to the war were edited to perfection and pasted all over the lead stories on every news channel.


Nope.  This latest, ridiculous lie is left to hang out there.  And, hard-working, innocent people who work and don't have time to piece together their own presidential montages believe it.

So, that is why you have me.

Obama foolishly pulled our troops out of Iraq, without a status of forces agreement.*  He childishly doesn't understand the way that the world works.  He can't seem to grasp true evil.  His political opponents aren't evil - terrorists are evil.  And, he needs to fight them.

*we still have troops in Germany, Japan and Korea, there is a reason for that