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Saturday, August 9, 2014

10,000 troops "in the way"

Yesterday, the president did an interview with the New York Times.  During the interview he said that if we had 10,000 troops in Iraq, the situation would be the same only the 10,000 troops would be "in the way."  The reporter just nodded his head the whole time, like one of those little duck toys that bobs its head in the water.

Seriously?  He actually believes that the situation in Iraq would be the same if we were there?  He actually believes that 10,000 troops wouldn't make a difference to the situation?  They would just be "in the way?"  And, a person with a degree in journalism agrees with that assessment of the world?

If we had 10,000 troops in Iraq (valiant men and women who volunteer to put on a uniform and defend all Americans, even idiotic pinhead Americans who believe that America is bad) ISIS would not be on a murderous, terrorist rampage.  Or, if ISIS did go on a terrorist rampage and ran into 10,000 American troops, they would be dead.

This idiotic idea that America is bad and that if we lay down all of he weapons all fighting would cease was perfected in the 1960s.  "Make love, not war!"  (American men are very clever.)

That idiotic notion has reached its pinnacle, it has taken over the White House, the state department and the department of justice.

But, how well is that working out?  The world has devolved into chaos, terror is on the rampage, even after we have disarmed.

Obama and liberal pinheads believe that Islamic terrorists have legitimate grievances and that if we just sit down and talk it out, we can come to an "understanding" and work it all out.

Understand this - terrorists want America to be demolished.  They are coming for us, they have promised.   And, we just keep on disarming, giving the money that should go to the military to the laziest in our society.

Are you worried yet?