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Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bwooks

This blog is for a reader, Brooks.

Brooks is very high up in the Democratic National Committee.  If you want more info, you gotta look it up.

Brooks is black.

I am white (duh, redneck.)

He is my step-brother.

Our parents have been married for almost 28 years.

When they married, Brooks was 8 and I was 16.  So, we really didn't grow up together.  But, we became very close when he was an undergrad and I was in graduate school.  My husband was traveling for work and Brooks and I pretty much raised my older daughter the first year of her life.

One time, when she was a baby and sick, Brooks and I took her to the emergency room in the middle of the night.  He didn't hesitate, just hopped in the car with me and off we went.  As we described my daughter's condition to the nurse, she gave us a lot of funny looks.

When the nurse left to go get the doctor, we looked down at ourselves and laughed until we cried.  He was wearing reindeer pj pants and I was wearing puppy dog pj pants and she probably thought we were a poor, unmarried, interracial couple.

At first, he didn't like being called Uncle Brooks.  I said, "Brooks, wait until she says it."  Sure enough, the first time she looked up at him, grabbed his hand and said, "Uncle Bwooks" he was hooked.

They got a lot of funny looks walking down the street, those two, even in our liberal town.  But, they didn't care.  He helped her with her clothes, "Uncle Bwooks, I got a wedgie."  And stopped her from breaking the law for indecent exposure:

Her, "Naked time!"
Him, "No!" While grabbing her with his big hand.

We love Uncle Bwooks, and we always will.

Brooks started working for Obama back in Chicago and our politics have differed greatly ever since.

Obama's destructive progressive liberal policies will continue to fail.  His disastrous foreign policies will continue to fail.  He will go down as the worst president in American history.

Kinda like the civil war, families were torn apart.  Now, we don't have a reasoned, intelligent debate.  It is no more polite disagreement.  It is the liberal progressive way or the highway.

But, this will pass, I hope.

And, we will still love Uncle Bwooks.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Brooks!