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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday... me!  Ha, got ya!  You thought I was going to say someone else, right?

Although the president and I almost share a birthday, unfortunately we have absolutely nothing else in common.

We disagree on everything and it makes me very sad.

All reasonable dialogue is completely gone.  If you are conservative, you are marginalized by the mainstream media and elite liberals as: dumb, or a terrorist.

Yes, I do cling to my religion and my guns.  But, do you know why?  We came to this country to practice religion freely.  For some reason, my religion no longer gets any respect or tolerance.  However, other religions get the royal, red carpet treatment.

I saw a tweet last night with terrorists holding up machine guns, their faces covered and their latest victims' heads stuck on a chain link fence behind them.  Then, I thought of my church and all of those heads bowed in prayer.  Which one is a religion of peace?

We cling to guns because of a tyrannical government.  The government can't take advantage of people who are armed - that is why the second amendment is so important.  Our founding fathers knew that.

Speaking of being taken advantage of by the government - since when do free people have to buy government mandated insurance or be penalized?  That is the opposite of freedom.

Why can't we drill on our own land for oil to become energy independent?

Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel should be supported 100%.

The IRS should never be allowed to target innocent citizens for their political beliefs.

The US military should be allowed to fly one hour and save our people from being killed in a terrorist attack.

The NSA should spy on terrorists, not American citizens.

The attorney general should not be in contempt of congress.  The head of the IRS should not be in contempt of congress.

The president should obey the law.

Stop raising taxes and stop over-regulating businesses.  Free up the American economy so that people can go back to work.

The federal government shouldn't sue the little sisters of the poor.

And, every illegal alien who walks into this country should be sent home.

Sorry, I got a little bit carried away there.

As the president and I eat cake this week, I do so with a heavy heart.  This country and everything that I hold dear is, literally, being destroyed.

Happy Birthday.