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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rock stars

When Bill Clinton took a saxophone and toot-toot-tooted it on late night television, it marked a new era for the American presidency.

It was like, "Hey, I am a rich guy and I have power.  So much power that I can get on a late night talk show with no discernible talent."  It was super cool and a major step in the wrong direction for the leadership of our government.

Clinton was a terrible president, using his power to seduce women and infamously using the Oval Office for his trysts.  But, as he chased skirts from sea to shining sea, he at least had the sense to let Newt Gingrich run the country.  And, Newt did a great job.  Anyone remember the balanced budget, welfare reform, the contract with America?

Clinton has taken credit for all of those things.  But, that is ok, he didn't let the country fall apart completely while he was pursuing his passions.

Obama has taken the cool, rich element of the presidency to new, alarming and disastrous levels.  While he galavants around the world partying with rock stars and playing golf, he has made sure that Harry Reid gets absolutely nothing accomplished throughout his entire tenure.

In a brilliant move of deceit, he blames congress for this lack of progress.  Obama has stated, pointedly, that he will not talk to, negotiate with, or even acknowledge his republican colleagues in government.  This congress that he calls a "do nothing" congress has passed over 300 bills that would address the very real problems that are impacting this country as a result of Obama's disastrous liberal progressive policies.

Those bills are sitting in Harry Reid's desk.  He refuses to even debate them.  The real "do nothing" branch of government is the Reid-Obama branch.

And so, Iraq is in complete chaos while our president spends yet another vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  We watch terrorists behead Christian children.  Our enemies want to wipe Israel and then America off the map.

How do liberals think this is all going to work out?

Do liberal progressives who love Hamas and call terrorists "freedom fighters" understand that terrorist don't differentiate between dumb Christian rednecks and elite, enlightened liberal progressives?  They will kill every American that they can.