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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

As we fire up our grills, stir our marinades and chill pasta salad to perfection, something else is going on around the other side of the world.

As I think about the mess we have gotten ourselves in, I long for a simpler time, a time when we all agreed on everything and that one dissenting, hippie voice was overlooked.

Imagine everyone standing around the barbecue and hippie cousin, Jane, walks up.  Jane says, "I don't eat meat.  Think of that poor cow's feelings.  Meat is murder!"  Everyone chuckles and picks up the A-1.  Everyone knows that cows are nothing like people (except Jane).  You could practically bonk into one with a Polaris Ranger and the cow might not even notice.

Silly Jane.

Imagine everyone sitting down and saying a prayer for another cousin, who is off serving our country in another part of the world.  Jane loudly proclaims that she doesn't believe in the war.  She believes that we are imperial and oppressive and if America stopped going to war all wars would end.  Everyone smiles and passes the salad around the table, taking extra care to make sure Jane has some. They all know that America has never oppressed anyone.  We have liberated, freed, rebuilt and gone home.  We are the most benign superpower the world has ever known because we use our power for good.

Oh, that Jane.

Imagine, also during the prayer, Jane proclaiming that Christianity is bad, she has converted to Muslim, because it is a religion of peace.  Wearing her long, black robes in the 90-degree heat, she says, is "liberating."

Ok, Jane is an idiot.

But, somehow, somewhere along the way "cousin Jane" has taken over:
1. Our schools, turning them into little more than socialist think tanks which turn out completely trained little PC police, who care more about their feelings than anything,
2.  Our churches, which have watered down Christianity to the point where it is barely distinguishable from any other religion,
3.  Our economy, where we are learning that not paying high taxes is unpatriotic
4. Our healthcare system, the greatest in the world, which will now be no better than Britain's national health service or the VA,
5. And, of course, our government, where Jane's childish, liberal ideology has now taken over.

Pray, a lot.
Vote Republican in November and
Have a Happy Labor Day.

Remember cousin Jane may come around eventually.