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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sure, Eric Holder is resigning.  But for me, this leaves more questions than answers.

Will there ever be justice for murdered border agent Brian Terry?  Terry was murdered by a gun released into the hands of criminals during Holder's botched "fast and furious" program.

Will Holder ever be punished for his crimes?  He still remains in contempt of congress over the fast and furious debacle.

Will Lois Lerner finally be prosecuted for torturing Obama's political opponents during an election year?  Will there ever be any justice for the people whose lives were ruined by the most powerful agency in the government?

Will the next attorney general have any respect for police?  Or, will the next AG be as mistrustful of police as Holder?

Will the next AG engage in race-baiting and class warfare?

Will the next AG uphold the constitution?

I would love to see some actual justice in our department of justice.  But, after 6 years of the Obama-Holder DOJ, I am not holding my breath.