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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fat Cats

There are many bizarre liberal dichotomies that just make me scratch my head.

One of them is about money.  Obama talks often and at length about "fat cats."  He means rich people and he treats these people with disgust.  They didn't earn their success and any attempt to pay a lower tax rate is, well, unpatriotic, according to this administration.

But, let's look at those "fat cats."  Who are they, why are they fat and what fits the liberal decision of good and bad?  That is where it gets all kinda fuzzy.

So, a rich person, like Mitt Romney, would definitely be an Obama fat cat.  Known far and wide as a philanthropist, Romney reportedly gave 19% of his income to charity in a year when his tax returns were released for the presidential election.  He took no salary from the Olympics.  He has volunteered his time tirelessly to help others.

But, a rich person, like Jim Carrey, who makes $20 million per movie, he is NOT a fat cat.


Some jobs are deemed worthy by liberals, but others aren't.  A secretary at a for profit company might make around $30,000 a year.  If she lost emails, destroyed hard drives or in any reasonable way didn't perform her job competently and legally, she would lose her job.  Period.

But, in the government, people make about 4 times the amount that their counterparts make in the private sector.  So, a government secretary may make closer to $100,000, as a public servant.  That is perfectly ok.

A banker may make about $100,000 if he or she does a good job, works long hours and does everything legally and perfectly.  A tenured professor easily makes $100,000 a year, works nowhere near the hours and could probably never be fired.  The banker is bad in Obama world and the professor is good and noble.

So, back to those fat cats - if they happen to be conservative - and build hospitals, schools and donate millions to charity - yup, you guessed it. BAD.

But, if a fat cat is a democrat, he or she can absolutely do no wrong.  He or she can make millions from failed government companies like Solyndra.  He or she can make tens of millions from opposing the Keystone Pipeline.  That is all just a-ok.

The thing is, are liberals so dumb and/or short-sighted that they can't see the tide may turn one day?  Can't they see that when (please, I hope soon) Republicans take back over that we can run roughshod all over their opinions, just like they have done with ours for all these years?

Oh, and by the way, if you have a job, you are a fat cat to Obama, too.