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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DWTS Continues its Tradition...

Of treating Christians unfairly.

This season's token Christian on Dancing With the Stars is Sadie Robertson.  Robertson is the daughter of Willie and granddaughter of Phil, the gun-toting, Bible-thumping reality TV stars who turned their duck call business into a multi-million dollar empire.

Just like last season's token Christian, Candace Cameron Bure, Sadie came out strong.  She (and her partner, Mark) performed her first dance so flawlessly that she received one point away from the highest score of the night.  Her foot and leg placement were phenomenal.

Just like previous Christians in previous seasons, things were a little different the second week of competition.

Robertson was given the unusual task of performing a jazz routine to the Jason Aldean country hit "She's Country."  As weird as the combination was, Robertson again performed the dance as well as it could be performed.

It blew my bedazzled mind.

She received lower scores.  Instead of finishing 2nd, she finished 5th for the night.  I wasn't upset then and didn't take to my keyboard in a fury.  What caused my fingers to burn was what happened last night, the third week of competition.

This week, Robertson was given a fox trot which she performed to the theme song from the movie "Up."  Her technique, her footwork, her leg placement, her hold were spectacular.  She got all 8s for a total of 32 points, and I was ok with that, until...

Janel (and Val) and Bethany (and Derek) performed and received perfect 40s for their routines.  They were fantastic and they deserved 40s, they really did.

But, so did Sadie.  She was equally as perfect.  Clearly, the scoring isn't the same for Robertson as it is for the other contestants.

Hopefully, like Cameron Bure and Bristol Palin before her, Robertson will get the support she deserves from the Christian community and will dance her way right into the finals.

Go, Sadie!