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Friday, September 19, 2014

Like it or lump it

Here is another aspect of common core - you can't question it.

At all.

And, really, it isn't that surprising.  We have a president who not only won't work with Republicans, he refuses to acknowledge that an opinion different from his own could even exist.  And, if it does, it is inherently "evil."

I have talked to my child's teacher about common core and our concerns.  She promptly suggested that we leave the school.

Really?  That is the only option?

Yes, we have made a country that stifles all differences of opinion and have called it "tolerance."  So, this new breed of young person, like this teacher, can't conceive of an opinion that is different from her own.

Unable to debate, or intelligently discuss the issues, she suggests the only option that she sees as viable - go away.  This is the Obama option.  If you don't agree, you need to leave.

In accounting, we call this the "tone at the top."  When you have a kind, benevolent leader, that tends to trickle down the ranks.  You get nicer people throughout the organization, from top to bottom.

When the "tone at the top" is: "my way or the highway" you get that attitude in all levels.

This is just tyranny, a way for the government to control.  If you don't fall in line and march to the same tune, you will be punished.

Is this freedom?

I don't think that good-hearted Americans realize what they have given up.  I even think that good-hearted liberals, who really want to help people, don't understand how much they are jeopardizing our freedoms.

We don't want to be called "racist" so we shut up.  We don't want to be called "insensitive" so we stop expressing our opinions.  Using Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" liberals have used the name calling tactics to silence all debate.

And, it is working.  We have removed God from every aspect of the public forum.  Abortion isn't "safe,  legal and rare."  It is genocide of American babies.  If a baby has the audacity to survive the "procedure" abortionists actually stab live children.

We are losing our military, our strength, our standing in the world.  We have destroyed the greatest health care system the world have ever known.  And, now, we are losing our schools.

Liberals don't have any good points, so they just yell and call us names.  That silences all debate.