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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Country music, Christianity and the midterm elections

I was driving this morning, listening to my local country music station.  I was tortured with 45 minutes of non-stop partying, drinking, and sleeping with people.  In one song, the country music singer even rapped!  

If I wanted to listen to rap music, I would.  But I want to listen to country.  I want to hear about God, Jesus, cancer, American soldiers, small towns, and rednecks who are proud to be from those towns. (Ahem)

Country music is being watered down to appeal to a wider audience.  It is hard to differentiate the genre from pop or even rap.  It may bring in new listeners.  But country that is no different from any other music disillusions country music fans.

Likewise, Christian churches are watering down Christianity.  Anything goes.  You can pick and choose which parts of the Bible you like.  The Christianity in some churches is barely distinguishable from other religions.  The idea is to appeal to a wider audience.  But it isn't working.  People are leaving churches in droves.  When you make Christianity no different from any other religion, you don't bring people in, and you lose your base.

That brings me to my final point.  In the upcoming midterm elections, people argue that conservatives need to move to the center to please more people.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  We need to differentiate between conservatism and liberalism.  

We need to stay true to our convictions, energize our base and bring our message of real tolerance and real inclusivity to our country that needs it so desperately.  Our message is a real message of hope and change, because we believe that personal responsibility and liberty create the foundation for real prosperity.

Does anyone actually believe that the government can rush in and save big problems?  Government isn't the solution;  its the problem.  Here are some things to consider.

1.  Republicans aren't crazed lunatics.  We aren't even terrorists.  There are real terrorists out there.  Every bad thing that Republicans said would happen, has happened.

We said that health insurance plans would change, that people would lose access to doctors.  We said that costs would sky-rocket and most of us would be left with plans that can't even be used because deductibles are so high.

It doesn't  matter how many domestic terrorists, professors or elite liberals call us: lunatics, terrorists, extremists, or racists.

Everything that we said would happen has happened as a direct result of the  disastrous progressive, liberal policies of the Obama administration.

2.  We need to lower taxes.  This is not unpatriotic.  It's just true. 

3.  We need to de-regulate.  If people haven't figured out by now that the federal government doesn't fix problems and that it makes problems, they never will.

4.  We need to add work requirements back into welfare that Obama unlawfully removed.

5.  We need to stop giving money to countries that treat us like crap.

6.  We need to use all of the money that I just saved us to beef up our military.

7.  We need to close and secure our borders and deport illegal aliens.

Most Americans are seriously concerned with the skyrocketing cost of basic necessities, the shrinking economy, our open borders and terrorists who want to kill us.

We need grown-ups to take over.  We need common sense; we need to take back the senate.

Vote Republican this November and for goodness sake, find a good country station.