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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The Obama administration just announced that an envoy will be sent to Cuba this week to normalize America's relationship with the communist, tyrannical Castro regime.

Aw, isn't that nice?  And, why would we do that?

Because the communist, tyrannical Obama regime is best buds with Castro!  I mean, Beyoncé had an absolute ball when she was there.  That place is just so misunderstood.

If we were just more understanding, everything would all work out.  You know, like with Islamic terrorists.  If we just let them know that we understand them, they will stop slicing off heads, right?

Even my most liberal friends throw up their hands in complete disgust at the refusal of the Obama administration to call Islamic terrorists "Islamic."

And, just in case you had the slightest inkling that Obama has any interest in you or your well-being, he is trying to make absolutely sure that you are clear:

He doesn't.

He is actually going to propose even more tax hikes on the rich.  Here is the problem with that: rich people move their money to protect it from punitive taxes.  So, the people who actually get stuck paying more taxes are you and me, the people in the middle who don't have offshore accounts or those fancy Swiss banks with only the cool numbers.  So, really, to a liberal administration "taxing the rich" translates to "taxing anyone with the audacity to have a job."

Finally, are you enjoying all of that extra cash in your pocket from lower gas prices? Well, put down your mocha, Obama is already trying to figure out how to tax that, too.

Honestly, I can't stand it anymore.

Seriously, can you?