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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Glozell vs Bibi


Remember when a member of the Obama administration called the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a chicken shit?

(Can I say that?)

The prime minister is coming for a visit to talk to congress by invitation of John Boehner, the speaker of the house.

Hey, if Obama is going to keep going around congress on his way to the golf course, why is it a bad thing that the adults are going to meet with our allies during this dangerous time?

For some reason, Obama is furious that Netanyahu is coming.  And, he can't find the time to meet with the prime minister of our closest ally in the Middle East.

But, Obama has somehow been able to clear his schedule to be interviewed by Glozell Green.  Green is a YouTube star, most known for donning a bathing suit and eating a tub full of fruit loops with milk.  (She wisely noted that one could use soy when trying at home).

All kudos to Green.  Hey, if I got 42 million hits, I would probably hop in that tub, too.

But, does our president really need to be so in touch with popular culture and so out of touch with, like, the real world?

I am sorry, Bibi, that our president is living in some sort of alternate universe.  But, I think that it is pretty clear which one of you is really a chicken sh@&.