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Thursday, January 29, 2015


What ever happened to investigative journalism?  Is nothing sacred?  Does the press even mind that it has become nothing more than a puppet for the Obama administration?

I want to say this first, if a Republican did this, it would be front page news.  You would hear about it 24/7.  It would be Rebekah-gate and you would know every detail because the press would never let up.

But, it is not a Republican president and our watchdog media is nothing more than a lapdog.

What am I talking about?

Rebekah Erler.  Rebekah sat between the First Lady and Dr. Biden during the state of the union address this week.  Her story was presented by Obama as an example of someone who is benefiting from all of his wonderful policies.

Great.  Why does this have me so peeved?

She is a former democratic staffer!  Obama has already used her in another publicity stunt and he knows her.  He didn't get a letter from her, a complete stranger, and then use her story.  This isn't just implying that he doesn't know her.

Pretending that he doesn't know her is outright lying.

I guess that I should just accept it, even expect it.  Obama is going to lie whenever her wants in order to further his political agenda.

And, the media will remain silent about it.

I miss investigative journalism.

I guess the only thing that will bring it back is a Republican president.