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Monday, January 19, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

We really are all Charlie.  Well, all of us in western civilization are Charlie.  Hold on, all of us in western civilization who actually believe in western civilization, that is who Charlie is.

Is the Obama administration Charlie?  I am thinking, not so much.

But, are you really that surprised?

This is the administration that sent back the bust of Winston Churchill.  This is the administration that sent no one to Margaret Thatcher's funeral.  This is the administration which, however, found plenty of time and was able to rearrange schedules to get someone to Ferguson for a photo-op.

I can see that maybe the president of the United States can't walk down the middle of an open street in any country, even in France, no matter how many world leaders are locking arms.

Here is the litmus test - would I be ok with Ronald Reagan being out in the open like that, vulnerable to an attack from anywhere?  No way.

So, I can actually understand Obama not strolling down the street.  However, John Kerry's schedule is pretty light these days.  And, I am pretty sure that Eric Holder was just down the street sipping an espresso during the march.  Somebody definitely could have shown up to represent America and say that we are against radical Islamic terrorists.

But, the Obama administration is incapable of even saying Islamic terrorist.  They aren't really against it, they can't even admit that it exists.

This is where we find ourselves.  We have a drastically cut military, we have propped up our society on entitlement programs.  We can't even call evil what it really is, evil.   We are totally open, vulnerable for an attack.  We won't let the president be in a situation like that.  Why are we putting the whole country in the exact same position?

I have no idea.  It is just you and me, Charlie.