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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Consistent liberals

Liberals are so mixed up, it is impossible to figure out what they are going to say next.

Some people, when they are senators, say that we shouldn't have limitless debt, executive orders and are against amnesty for illegal immigrants.  But, then, they become president and completely reverse their opinions on all of those things.


Conservatives aren't so difficult to understand.  I like low taxes, limited government, and all of the freedoms and excellent lattes that come with it.  No matter what the issue, my views won't change.

Liberals have gotten themselves all mixed up.  They are supposed to be for women, but they openly and aggressively support a religion that militates women.  Liberals are supposed to be for free speech, but they want to silence political opposition.

So, when a liberal says something that actually makes sense or at least is consistent I have to take note.

Bill Maher is a religion-hating liberal.  He absolutely hates Christianity and he has every right to do so.  Right now, he is the only liberal (that I have heard about) who has the guts to call radical Islamic terrorism exactly what it is.  He is being consistent with his beliefs.  He doesn't like religion and he is willing to stand up and say that he doesn't like a religion that abuses women and chops people's heads off.

He has been banned from Berkeley.  Good job, Bill.

Whoopi Goldberg says that she is for free speech.  Of course, if someone is saying something that she doesn't like, she has a tendency to walk right off the set.  But, when liberal leftist loonies are calling the movie "American Sniper" all sorts of awful things, she defends the movie and the right of Clint Eastwood to make it because of free speech.

I am also afraid to say it, good job, Whoopi.

As our president continues to live in a land of magical unicorns, a place devoid of reality and completely mutually exclusive of the real world, it will be interesting to see how liberals twist themselves into knots.

In the meantime, I am going to keep right on loving low taxes, limited government and that latte.