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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Liberals just don't care

It is as though liberals don't know how disastrously their idiotic policies affect anybody or they just don't care.

I am starting to think that they don't care.

I mean, for the past few years, premiums for most families' health insurance has gone up $200 a month.  They promised the premiums would go down $200 a month, instead they have gone up by that amount.  Has anyone apologized to you about that?  Has any democrat worked quickly and diligently to fix that problem for you?

Um, no.  They don't care at all.  And, you have seen what happens when actual liberals have to pay for their own disastrous ideas - they go ballistic.  Ahem, Harvard professors.

But, Nancy Pelosi can't even begin to comprehend the value of $200.  She is a billionaire.

The cost of food and gas (yes, we are getting a slight reprieve, hallelujah) has tripled and doubled, respectively in the last six years.

Has any liberal condescended to let you know that they feel your pain, that they understand that it is tough to suddenly have to pay double or triple for something that your family needs?

No way.  By her own admission, Hillary Clinton hasn't driven a car in decades.  Does she even know or care how much gas costs?  Snort.

If you haven't figured it out by now, rich, elite liberals who run Washington want to make America socialist.  They want you to pay for it and they don't expect a change in their standard of living.

How else can you explain Obama snorting and saying that the Keystone pipeline will only produce 35 jobs.  Who is he kidding, who would actually believe that?  All 35 guys spread out and yell, "OK, everybody, lift!"  That is idiotic, the pipeline will bring thousands of new jobs.

It will also bring OIL here where we need it.  When we don't get it from terrorists, they will have to start working at bake shops to get their money for guns.  You know, instead of terrorizing bake shops.

Yes, oil is dirty.  Have you ever gotten one drop of gasoline on your hand?  It doesn't come off, even after a napkin, a wash with antibacterial soap and some Purell.  You can still smell it.

You know what?  It makes my car run perfectly and that is how my husband and I get to work everyday.  Guess what else is true about that "dirty" oil that Obama hates so much - it is used in every single of his presidential motorcades.

But, he doesn't care about any of that does he?  You pay for his presidential motorcade and he doesn't care, at all, about how much it costs.

As he slashes our military, remember this, terrorists will bomb elite liberal hang outs while they pig out on lobster and steak.  Obama and his cronies being sympathetic to the terrorists won't save them.