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Monday, January 12, 2015

Socialism at Downton

Sunday night was the premiere of the 5th season of Downton Abbey.  And, things are not all jolly good in merry old England.

I leave it up to you to catch up on the previous 4 seasons.  Today I am only going to discuss the socialism that has creeped into the castle walls.

A teacher from the local village befriends a member of the Grantham family.  (The Earl of Grantham owns the Downton Abbey estate, Google it).

The teacher is invited to dinner at the Abbey.  She is a socialist.  She believes that everyone should be equal.  She believes that everyone is the same and so everyone should have the same amount of stuff.  She doesn't like the privilege of the aristocracy.

Believing this way makes her sympathetic and, like, super kind to everybody.  Right?

Nope.  She is so prejudiced that before she even meets the count and countess, she decides that she doesn't like them.  When confronted by their kindness, she has no response.  Her prejudice prevents her from returning the kindness.

Even after she is invited to dinner and is graciously received by the Granthams, she is very rude to the Earl at dinner.  There are guests, it is the 34th wedding anniversary of the Earl and the Countess and she is totally obnoxious.

Her behavior was disgusting.  Did she get her point across?  Did she accomplish a thing?  No, she just looked like an ass.

Could there be conservative writers on this show?


The whole scene reminded me of a picture I saw this weekend of a "protester" shouting in the face of a police officer.  I don't know what the protester was screaming about or why she was screaming in the officer's face.  But, I do know this, if she was the victim of a crime, he would be the first person that she would call.

Whether it is a fictional character in Downton Abbey or a very real protester in America, the problem is the same.  Both people live in a great country and have the lifestyle that comes with it.  Unfortunately, neither person can see what she has and appreciate it.  Instead, she begrudges others of what they have.  It is sad, really.

Gentle reader, this is the face of liberalism.  It is intolerant, it is prejudiced, it is rude, even obnoxious.  But, we must carry on.  The British aristocracy may not have made it through intact, but conservatives can.

Can't we?

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