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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The speech

Well, I wasn't wearing kitten heels and a Kasper pants suit.  I was wearing Hobbit slippers and sweats.  But, that didn't stop me from jumping up and cheering about 40 times during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the joint sessions of congress on Tuesday.

Much was made about the 57 members of congress who chose to boycott the speech.  Not a single member of the Obama administration had the decency to show up.

And, really why?

What has gone so wrong with this country that people can't give respect to our ally and listen to him?  Were they afraid of what he would say?  The truth?

It was simple, really.  Netanyahu called out evil for what is it, evil.  And he, wisely, believes that we should stand together and fight against evil.

Why is that so hard for this administration to understand?  Who could possibly be against fighting evil?  Yes, there are all sorts of lame excuses about the election and about how we need to be careful with Iran.  But, like Bibi said, if Iran doesn't cooperate, we should walk away.  "They need the deal more than you do!"

After the speech I went to the library.  The library printer was spewing page after page of documents, all in Hebrew.  A Jewish man with a long, gray beard, wearing a yamulke walked up and started shuffling through his papers.  I asked him if he had listened to the speech.  He said that he thought it was later.  I told him that he had missed it, how good it was and to look it up online.

Then I asked, "How can anyone be against fighting terrorists who want to kill us?"

He rolled his hand with the palm up and said, "Eh, I don't know.  It is common sense."

And, unless you are totally meshuggah, it is common sense.  Strong leaders, like Benjamin Netanyahu, fight evil.  Our leaders should, too.