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Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Clean" spending bill

Who came up with this idea?  Who came up with the terminology that sending a bill to the president's desk that is stuffed full of pork (you know it is) and is chock full of more outrageous government spending is called a "clean" bill.

Snort.  It is ludicrous.

You know what else defies all logic?  Our spineless Republican leaders caved AGAIN to Obama's lawless, executive overreach and funded amnesty for illegal aliens!

Why???  Pat Caddell, a DEMOCRAT, can't even figure it out.  He said, "If you came here from Mars, you would think that DEMOCRATS won a landslide victory in November.

But, that didn't happen, remember?  Cool heads prevailed and the American people voted GOP from sea to shining sea in every locality, state and overwhelmingly in the house and senate.

Why don't Republican lawmakers act like it?  I even heard one call the passage of this bill "a return to sanity."  Are you kidding me?  Funding our bloated government despite all of its waste and lawlessness is a "return to sanity?"

Members of congress make a minimum of $176,000 a year.  A return to sanity would be them trying to live on the average American household income of $50,000 a year.  A return to sanity would be the government not spending more than they take in.

Here is some sanity, I would love it if lawmakers tried an Obamacare high deductible plan.  "Sorry, honey, I know your arm is green and puffy, but it would cost us $7,000 to take you to the emergency room.  So, we have to wait and see how big it gets and what colors it turns.  Thank you, Obama!"

Do the will of the people, Republicans.  Stop Obama's lawless amnesty for illegal aliens.  Stop his abuse of power.  Now, or you all are going to be out of jobs.