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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cleveland Right to Life - last one!

Gordon Douglas, a pastor and comedian, was the MC for the right to life convention.

He told a story of being asked for a donation at a convention, similar to the one that we were attending.  He prayed about the donation and received this message in response, "Refrigerator!"

Baffled, he asked his wife about her thoughts on an appropriate donation.  She said that she thought maybe they should donate the money that they had been saving for a refrigerator and what did he think about that.

Well, after she picked him up off the floor, they agreed that they would do just that.  They donated the saved money, even though their refrigerator was on life support.

When they got home from the convention there was a message on the machine.  Gordon pushed the button and heard the following message,

"Hey, Gordon, it's your mom.  Your aunt is moving and wondered if you might like a brand new..."

And, we all said, "refrigerator!!!!!"