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Friday, March 13, 2015

I am a woman, so vote for me!

Yep, that is Hillary's latest battle cry.  I mean, come on, don't you want to see a woman president?  Let's not look at the track record.  Let's not look at the improper funding of the Clinton foundation.  Let's not look at the fact that Clinton had a secret server installed in her house to conceal ALL of her correspondence while Secretary of State.  Let's not look at character, morality or, like, the truth.

She is a woman.  So, vote for her.

How totally sexist and demeaning can you possibly get?

And, by the way, didn't we already do this?  We elected a black president with no leadership experience, no discernible talent (except being cool) and no actual jobs on his resume all because he was black?

How is that turning out?

The idea that we should have a lower standard for black people and women is the most racist, backwards and demeaning philosophy that I have ever witnessed.  Shockingly, this position is championed by liberals, the people who are supposed to be the least "ist" of all.

They are actually the most "ist" of anyone!

Using this ridiculous notion, that black people and women are so incompetent, are so much less, that they need to be propped up by the government is going to have a weird consequence.

When only white men have to comply with society's rules, you know, like telling the truth and obeying the law, they might just take over the world.