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Friday, February 6, 2015

Super Bowl ads

What is the point of showing all of the Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl?  Have you even seen any of the pre-Super Bowl ads with all of the deflate-gate kerfuffle?

Anyway, there is an ad for Carl's Jr new "all natural" burger.  The clever ad has the beautiful American model, Charlotte McKinney, walking through a farmers' market.  It appears as though she is completely "natural."  Hilarity ensues throughout the market with some strategically placed produce.  She is, however, wearing a skimpy bikini and she chows down on the natural burger at the end of the commercial.

Fox News' popular show "The Five" had a very serious analysis of the commercial.  Greg Gutfeld and Eric Boling needed to see the clip again in order to comment.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said, "I want that burger!" I love KG.

Here is my perspective on the whole thing.

I am American.  I love America, football, burgers, free speech and the fact that I can wear whatever I want.


My problem is the inconsistency of liberal ideology that is prevalent in our country.

Is the ad objectifying women?  Or is the woman liberated?  Which is the proper, PC, liberal view?  I honestly don't know.

If McKinney were in an Islamic country, she would be beaten, stoned, raped and/or mutilated for her clothes.  And, wouldn't she be in major trouble for eating the burger?  But, liberals are all ok with the Islamic treatment of women, right?  Liberals are ok with women being mutilated, beaten, raped, stoned in the name of Islam, right?

I have trouble keeping track.

Enjoy the ad and all of our freedoms, ok?

I am going to have a burger.