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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Real enemies

On a recent, riveting episode of Duck Dynasty, the Robertson family participated in an outhouse race.

They actually put an outhouse on wheels and raced it down the street.  Yes, freedom breeds all sorts of interesting pastimes.

The arch-nemesis of the Robertson clan, Phil McMillan, also competed in the race.  And, he won.  Afterwards, they all shook hands, prayed together and had a big ole cookout.

See, the Robertsons and even Phil McMillan understand who their real enemies are.  But, for some reason people in our country are getting all confused about it.

Remember when I told you about the concentration camp survivor?  (Visit the blog). When she saw that American soldier coming toward her, she knew that she was saved, rescued, liberated.  The soldier with an American flag on his uniform was not the enemy, he was her savior.

The movie "American Sniper" is still in the news and numerous clean-cut, American soldiers have been interviewed in support of the film.

If I was in trouble, I am positive that I know who I would want to save me - an American soldier.  Think for a minute, would you want Chris Kyle to be walking toward you in full gear or Michael Moore?

How does a woman in the Middle East who has just been raped, beaten and tortured probably feel when she sees an American soldier walking toward her?  Or an orphaned child?  Or anyone, for that matter?

The American public voted for freedom, limited government and conservative values last November.  They are voting again, with their wallets at the theater.  And, the message is loud and clear - the American soldier is the good guy.

Not Michael Moore.