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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ok, it had to be said, you knew it was coming.  There is this little thing called the Affordable Care Act that has been bothering me.

As you already know, it is the most unaffordable thing ever created.  Premiums are going up anywhere from 25% to 300%, yes people are seeing a tripling in their insurance premiums.

Unions, who elected Obama and taunted the law, have demanded to be exempt from it because of the cost.

Congress, who passed it, has exempted itself from it.

Republicans have agreed to fund the government, everything except Obamacare.

Democrats keep blaming the Republicans for wanting to shut down the government but that simply isn't true.

Obama said that he will not negotiate with Republicans.  Period.  End of story.

So, then I go back to all of those democrats who have been elected by real people to represent the interests of said people.  Why are they ignoring the wishes of their constituents?  If 70% of people are against Obamacare, shouldn't 70% of senators vote against Obamacare right now or plan on losing their jobs in November of 2014?  That would be enough votes to override a presidential veto, btw.


I mean, I keep looking at all of these elite, obscenely wealthy, liberal senators.  They have taken our money to pay for their insurance premiums.  Then, they have no problem sticking the higher costs to hard-working, American families.  They know that insurance premiums are going up across the board.  They know that spouses are losing coverage, families are losing coverage.  They are supposed to be the ones who care about people?  Are you kidding me?!?!?

When is just one democrat senator going to stand up for what is right?  When?