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Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, this redneck is sick, sick as a dog.

Want to know why I don't go to see a doctor?

First, you can't get an appointment to see a doctor for 3 weeks.  By then, I will be well, I hope.

They never know what is wrong.  They make a whole bunch of guesses, give you, like, a million prescriptions and make sure you pay on the way out.

And, about the paying.  Our insurance premiums have doubled in the past few years.  And, we have a really high deductible.  Fortunately we have a health savings plan, but did you on know that Obama wants to get rid of those?

I guess I could try to see a doctor.  But, to pay for it, I would need to commit a felony on the way or renounce my citizenship.  I am not prepared to do either one of those.

If anyone has some unexpired antibiotics, let me know.