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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Agents of shield

It's spring break - I watched an episode of "Agents of SHIELD" with my daughter.

In it, a kid made a machine that can control the weather.  I don't really know what else happened, I zoned out.

But, here is what I wanted to tell you about it: HUMANS CAN NOT CONTROL THE WEATHER!

Humans have never been able to control the weather, and never will be able to control the weather.

Any weather that the earth currently experiences is of no fault, whatsoever, of the people who live on the planet.

When are liberals going to get that through their thick heads?

Taxing humans doesn't do anything to the weather.  Making coal fired power plants inoperable due to government regulation doesn't do anything to the weather.  Making people pay more for fuel doesn't do anything to the weather.

When John Kerry says that "climate change" is more of a threat than Russia, I laugh and laugh.  Until I realize that he is serious!

John, humans can't control the weather!  And, the earth is round, buddy.