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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Christians are stupid

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You know very well that I don't think Christians are stupid.  I am one.

But, that is a very common notion these days.  This isn't new to me, of course.  I grew up in a liberal  area, I currently live in a liberal area and have had liberals tell me that Christians are too stupid to vote.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yes, when I was little, I distinctly remember thinking that if I could sit through church, I would get the chocolate.  There was some time during the teen years when Easter had a lot to do with a new dress.

But, the Bible is challenging.  Christians are constantly pushed to examine the evidence presented in the Bible.  We study it, we ask questions.  Each one of us can learn something new and personal everyday.  We don't blindly believe something that we don't understand.  We don't memorize by rote something that our parents taught us.

Christians are thinkers, we are learners.  That is why we are so darn tolerant.

Today, I put on my new dress, horked down the chocolate and couldn't wait to get to church to celebrate with other Christians.  They, like I, have gone out into the world.  We have tested our religion and found it to be true.

Have you done that?

Happy Easter, everybody.