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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meet the Robinsons

"Take responsibility for myself or blame you?  Blame you!"  No, this is not a quote from Obama.  Well, not exactly.

The quote is from the villain in the Disney movie "Meet the Robinsons."  In it, the villian actually learns that he is wrong, he has to take responsibility for himself and he can't blame his problems on other people.

Wow!  I was watching this with my kids a few days ago.  I was thrilled with that message of personal responsibility, especially after 5 years of a victim president who has blamed every one of his failures on his predecessor.

I clicked on the guide to see what year the movie was made - 2007.

Is that a coincidence?  Were we a nation of personal responsibility just a few short years ago?  It only took a little over one term of a whiny, clenchy-fisted, stompy-footed president to turn us into a country of whiners who blame others for our failures and want to take what other people have all in the name of "income inequality!"

We are in trouble, big trouble.