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Friday, April 4, 2014

Iranian Ambassador to the UN

One of the key players in the Iran hostage situation in the late 70s has been nominated as the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations.

And, liberals support this.

Are they that deluded?  John Kerry scoffs at Vladimir Putin and says, "we don't act this way anymore."  Kerry honestly believes that only dumb conservative Christians go to war.  Not enlightened people!  And, being a communist dictator, Vladimir should be the most enlightened of them all!  Come on, Vladimir, eat your lobster.  We don't go to war.  Pfft.  That was in the 80s.  We just tax and regulate people now.

It would be funny, it would be sad.  But, it is true and that is what makes it so scary.  Liberals honestly don't understand that our enemies hate us and won't ever stop.  They childishly don't grasp that our enemies don't differentiate between conservatives and liberals (except, our enemies might understand that a conservative has a better chance of being armed).  Our enemies hate us because we are American and free.

They won't stop.  Will liberals ever understand this?