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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two of the most bizarre, disturbing and dangerous liberal dichotomies of all

Gay marriage and feminism

1. Gay marriage, we have more gay friends then most evangelical, conservative Christians because my husband is a singer.  Actually, it was shocking to meet a straight singer.  But, as I have said before and will say again: we just don't care.  We care about the people.  But, what people choose to do in private is none of my business.

I have talked to, read about and heard from gay people who DO NOT support gay marriage.  Should they all lose their jobs?  Seriously.

This week, Brendan Eich, the co-founder and CEO of Mozilla was pushed out of his own company.  Why?  He lost his job because he donated $1,000 to a campaign that supported traditional marriage.

Since then, there has been absolute outrage from all over the place.  I read a tweet from a gay person that said, "I didn't come out of the closet so that Christians would be shoved into the closet."  Also, both Hilary Clinton's and Obama's positions on traditional marriage have been highlighted - they both are for traditional marriage and against gay marriage.

Should they both lose their jobs?

What about all of the gay people who oppose gay marriage?  Should they all lose their jobs?  Some gay people aren't interested in traditional marriage, they don't support it.  They want the freedom that their lifestyle provides.

The lunatic left is stomping all over free speech.  Sensible people on both sides of the debate can see that.  It is just a shame that the sensible people don't scream as loud as the lunatic fringe.

2. Feminism- also this week, screenings of the film "Honor Diaries" have been shut down by a group called CAIR.  This group, the Council on American Islamic Relations, forced college campuses in the United States to not screen this film.  The film tells the stories of women in Middle Eastern countries.  The film highlights the atrocities committed against women including: stoning, flogging, genital mutilation, honor killing, rape and marriage of pre-pubescent girls.

Inexplicably, elite, liberal feminists find no reason to speak out against these atrocities.


I absolutely can not figure it out, as hard as I try.  If a conservative Christian were committing these atrocities against women, would elite liberal feminists remain silent?

I wonder.

So, in summary, two more liberal dichotomies have been playing out on the national and world stage this week.  I can not understand for the life of me (and never will) why liberals demand the shut down of all speech that differs from their narrow, liberal world view.  I also can not grasp in any way how feminists can stand for middle eastern countries that abuse and torture women.

Can you?