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Friday, April 4, 2014

Customer service at the post office

I had to mail some sales literature to customers the other day.  I bought all of the beautiful, printed materials from my company.  I even bought special, pretty envelopes.  My kids helped me address and stuff all of the envelopes.  It took us most of the morning.

All that was left was taking the envelopes to the post office and sending them, right?



There was, of course, a long line and only one person working at the counter.  The people in the line reminded me of communist Russians waiting in line for bread.


I started using the self serve machine.  One daughter weighed and one daughter put on the postage.  It was a good system.  Well, the machine at our post office gets stuck sometimes.  You have to give it a little tap to make the postage come down so that you can grab it.  The daughter who was doing the weighing also did the pounding.

After about 5 minutes of this a postal employee came out and asked if we needed help.  (Maybe it was because we were pounding on the machine?) Every fiber of her being indicated in every possible way that she couldn't care less about us or our needs.

I said that would be nice, how could she help us.

She said, "You can go stand in that line."

I didn't want to stand in the line.  That's pretty much why we had our whole weigh, bang the machine, put on the postage assembly line going.  See what I mean?

"Or, you can just leave your package at the counter."

I explained that I had 26 little envelopes.  How would that work?

She turned on her heel, walked off and sneered over her shoulder, "Good luck."

I MIGHT have said, "It must be nice to work and not have any standards.  It must be nice to always get paid and have no concern for customer service.  It must be nice to never have to be concerned about making a profit."

Or something like that, I am paraphrasing.

Dear friends, the post office is a perfect example of socialism.  Soon, your doctor's office will be, too.

When everyone is "equal" and gets equal pay no matter how hard they work, everyone loses.  Because no one has an incentive to work hard, no one works hard.  The rich get poorer, the poor get poorer and the middle class goes away.

If you don't believe me, pick up a history book, preferable one that was written before we became all PC and started re-writing history.

Do you like the post office?  Do you like the service and the efficiency?  Do you like the prices that you are charged?  Prices that just keep going up and up with no discernible difference in service?  This is where we are headed in every sector of our society as we embrace "income inequality" "social justice" and "universal healthcare."